Five Delightful Trunk-Or-Treat Decorating Ideas

trunk-or-treat decorating ideas
Get ready for Halloween with these Trunk or Treat decorating ideas

Halloween-fanatics get more and more creative each year, much to the delight of costumed children in search of sweet treats and good scares. If you’re partaking in a trunk-or-treat event this year, be it at church, school, or just in your neighborhood, and want to keep up with the Halloween Joneses, we have a few sure-fire-fun trunk-or-treat decorating ideas to make your ride the talk of the lot!

The Gaping Maw

All you need to make The Gaping Maw is a couple of yards of red and white felt. Use the red to make gums and a tongue, and then cut oval teeth (or sharp fangs) from the white. Roll out the red carpet for a long, yucky tongue leading up to your open hatchback, and the trick-or-treaters will come swarming!

A Classic Graveyard

Pick up a few bags of cheap cobwebs, a couple of pumpkins, and use old boxes to create cardboard tombstones, and you’ve just made a fun, easy, and perfectly spooky trunk for treats!

Chronicles of Narnia

If you’re not in the mood for “scary,” you can still be fantastical by turning your open trunk into the wardrobe from Chronicles of Narnia. Use some cotton fluff for snow, retool your old Christmas decor, and borrow your kid’s stuffed lion to make a wintery Narnia wonderland that even Aslan would approve of. Paint large pieces of cardboard to look like the doors of the wardrobe, and don’t tell the trick-or-treaters what’s behind them before they take a peek!

But the most essential material in all these trunk-or-treat decorating ideas? The perfect trunk! Come to Rothrock Nissan today to find your new favorite ride.

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