Back to School Tips to Help Keep Your Sanity

Back to School TipsThe school year is right around the corner, if it hasn’t already started for your family. To help you get back in the swing of things and have a great year, here are a few back to school tips.

  • Ease into your schedule. If you kids haven’t started school yet, start easing into everyone’s sleep and wake schedules so that the first day isn’t such a shock. You should also start preparing meals at the same time as your kids’ lunch hour in school.
  • Practice. Try to beat the stress of the first day by having a practice run. Get everybody up and ready and see if you can make it out the door on-time. If tempers flare and things are forgotten, try again, and start 10-15 minutes earlier.
  • Talk about it. If your child is making a big jump into a new school, like middle or high school, talk about what he or she can expect from the year—homework, schedules, classes, etc.
  • Stay organized. Have a family calendar somewhere in your house that everyone can see. Some families use a large white board calendar with a different colored marker for each person’s events.

Here at Rothrock Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we hope you and your family have an excellent start to an excellent year. And, don’t forget to come visit us for all of your vehicle needs.

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Terry Balliet is a Business Development Specialist at Rothrock Motor Sales.

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