Summer Car Care Tips

At Rothrock Nissan, we want the best for your car, which is why we recommend following these tips for good summer car care. Some car maintenance may be easier than you expected, and when it’s not, you can always bring your car in for help at Rothrock Nissan.

Summer Car Care


The hot summer weather can do funky things to your tire pressure. Get in the habit of keeping an eye on your tires regularly, or even checking the PSI each time you stop for gas, and adjust the pressure when needed. Make sure your tires are wearing evenly and that the rubber is free of cracks or damage.


Hot weather is also more taxing on your battery and can even shorten its life. However, some simple maintenance can help counteract this. Open your hood and take a look at your battery to see that it’s clean. If it’s not, make sure the car is off, then gently wipe away any rust or corrosion.


You need an oil change every 5,000 miles or so, and summer is a good time to check on that number. Again, the hot air will create more work for your oil filter, which works hard to keep debris and dirt from the air out of your engine’s oil. Get your oil changed, or learn to do it yourself, and top off other fluids like wiper fluid and coolant while you’re at it.