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Experience ‘America on Wheels’ Antique Auto Museum in Allentown

Is there anything more American than the auto industry? Cars were invented in America and represent our history as a thriving industrial nation, even if modern transportation is a global market. If the idea of taking a stroll through the history of the American automobile industry is something that interests you, you might like to know that Allentown, Pennsylvania is home to an antique auto museum known as America on Wheels that aims to educate visitors about the origins of the automobile and its transformation through the decades.

Vehicles and the innovation of structures such as highways have contributed to a number of social and cultural changes in the United States, and America on Wheels honors that legacy of success and creativity through a number of different exhibits. While cars are, of course, featured, the museum also has a collection of trucks, motorcycles, and even bicycles for guests interested in seeing and learning everything the America on Wheels Museum has to offer. With three different galleries including a changing exhibit gallery, hands-on exhibits, a library, several different learning areas, and a cafe, there’s no shortage of things to see and do in America on Wheels.

America on Wheels Museum Tickets are available for purchase at the museum. Keep in mind America on Wheels is closed Mondays, and tickets stop being sold at 4:00pm every day. Adult tickets are $10 and seniors are $7. Children 12 and under are free on Sundays, while the rest of the week only children under 5 are free, with students aged 6 through 16 years old costing $5. Summer hours began in April, so the museum is open for an extra hour every day! Make sure to check the event calendar ahead of time, too; you never know what fun event might be waiting for you at America on Wheels.

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