Nissan GT-R Makes Un-Decorating the Christmas Tree a Lot More Fun

Un-decorating the Christmas tree usually takes less time than decorating it, but it’s never quite as much fun. That excitement and anticipation of the holidays to come just isn’t there.

Nissan has a solution to make the un-decoration process somewhat less of a hassle—using none other than a Nissan GT-R. They placed the tree on a stand, hooked up the string of lights to the back of the sports car, and stomped on the throttle. The tree spun like a top (part of that is possible only because of the GT-R’s massive acceleration) and the decorations went flying.

It made a bit of a mess, of course, but it definitely looked lot more fun than conventional un-decorating, wouldn’t you say?

So if your Christmas tree is still up after all this time, you know what to do. Okay, maybe not. Still, it made for a cool video. Maybe we should try it next year at Rothrock Nissan.

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Terry Balliet is a Business Development Specialist at Rothrock Motor Sales.

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