Mopar Introduces New Products and Initiatives

Mopar will be introducing new products and initiatives for the 2016 model year that will be assisting Fiat Chrysler drivers all over the world with “every step of the customer journey,” according to a FCA press release.

These products and initiatives will be available for a wide variety of FCA vehicles and will be tailored to each brand. The Jeep Performance Parts portfolio, a Mopar product, has been expanded to include new beadlock wheels and lift kits, and Mopar Connect lets you connect your smartphone to your car.

Mopar Introduces New Products and InitiativesMopar has also brought the FCA Owner app to drivers, which includes an “augmented reality” function that uses the camera on smart devices to scan for instrument panel icons, and specific vehicle information.

The company also hosts defensive driving events called Mopar Road Ready, which over 700 teens and parents have attended in order to improve their driving in emergency situations. Mopar is doing all it can to improve the safety and driving experience of its customers.

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Terry Balliet is a Business Development Specialist at Rothrock Motor Sales.

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