Win Big with the Nissan Keep Summer Rolling Service Sweepstakes

Let’s face it – no one likes to have their car serviced. That’s why Nissan is starting the Keep Summer Rolling Service Sweepstakes from August 1st to September 30th. With instant prizes and new cars available, who knows what owners could take home?

According to Nissan, this sweepstakes is designed to promote a good relationship between Nissan Service Centers and the Nissan owners. Though every Nissan is built to last, there’s nothing better for extending your car’s life than regular maintenance.

“With our Nissan Keep Summer Rolling Service Sweepstakes, we’ve been able to engage with our customers and create a promotion they look forward to,” said Jack Wilkerson, director of aftersales marketing & sales. “Nissan is dedicated to vehicle service excellence, and this sweepstakes helps remind people of the exceptional customer service and offerings available at their local Nissan dealers.”

In addition to small prizes available via Facebook, Twitter, and the Nissan Summer Radio mixtape on Pandora®, some customers will also be able to enter a sweepstakes to win a new Rogue, 370Z Coupe, or Maxima. Who knew getting an oil change could be so much fun?

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Terry Balliet is a Business Development Specialist at Rothrock Motor Sales.

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