Chrysler’s Ralph Gilles Calls for Futurists

This year’s SAE Convergence brought a lot of ideas from Chrysler’s Ralph Gilles, but one of the most important points of his talk may have been his call for engineers to start thinking like futurists.

What are futurists, you might ask? Futurists are people like H.G. Wells and Isaav Asimov that let their imaginations go wild with the technology of the future. They didn’t let their minds be restricted. Modern examples, like ‘Knight Rider’ or The Jetsons, believed in the potential of the future when designing their worlds.

Now, everyone knows we can’t make any deals with questionable scientists to get the flying car out on the market, but there’s still a lot that can come from engineers letting their creativity go wild when coming up with concepts. With the designers and engineers coming together, thinking of the consumer market and really letting the innovative juices flow, there’s a lot that can come from the equation.

It’s all a matter of truly studying the market, seeing what the future needs and bringing all of that together to create the kind of cars that will be both technologically sound and affordable.

Rothrock CDJR can’t help but agree with Gilles’ call for Futurists. Even if there’s a number of things that can’t be done yet, thinking of the possibilities that lie ahead is bound to bring about some amazing ideas we can someday see on the market. For more about Chrysler talks, keep checking back with our blog every week!

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Terry Balliet is a Business Development Specialist at Rothrock Motor Sales.

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