The Benefits of Owning a RAM

Ram has always manufactured top of the line pickups and they have been consistently known for having one of the smoothest rides for a truck. The Motley Fool quotes Consumer Reports, saying the pickup is “surprisingly luxurious and refined with a ‘smooth ride’ and a ‘whisper-quiet’ interior.” Even better, Ram trucks achieve impressive fuel economy, especially with the new EcoDiesel that gets 28 mpg when highway driving.

2014 Ram EcoDiesel - Benefits of Owning a RAMThe brand has also been promoting the benefits of owning a RAM. These benefits includes getting cash-back affordable vehicle financing. On average, each truck offers $4,000 in incentives, which is much higher than rivals, making Ram the obvious truck of choice.

Ram has also not been shy when it comes to taking advantage of the competition. While Ford struggles into its transition to Aluminum, Ram is not backing down from heavily promoting their incentives. Ford has had to lower their benefits just to be able to afford the new manufacturing that comes with the new body material. We think this is a smart move by Ram that will keep the brand on top!

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Terry Balliet is a Business Development Specialist at Rothrock Motor Sales.

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