What Is Our North Star

north star
“What is our North Star” is an analogy that is meant to describe what someone or something (like at our company) uses as its “guiding light”. 

In this case, the term “North Star” comes from when sailors would use Polaris as the constant to navigate the ship to safe ports. The North Star was the one star that they always thought was the brightest one in the night sky, so it could always be found.  If you knew where the north star was, you could use it as a reference point to plot your course.

We at the Rothrock Family have something that we use as our “North Star,” and that is our customers. You are what we use to keep us on course, to guide us in the night sky of business to make sure we are on course.

When you do business with us in the sales or service you can count on the fact that if we are “going off course” in the way we do things, it is only by you, by our “North Star” that we can get back on course, and that can only happen by you letting us know.

Our goal is to make every transaction you have with the Rothrock family be a remarkable and memorable experience. And as our guiding light, we count on you to correct and guide us with everything we do.

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Terry Balliet is a Business Development Specialist at Rothrock Motor Sales.

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