2014 Trends Report Declares Nissan as Number One in Fuel Economy

We all know car models have a fuel economy rating, but have you ever thought about the automaker’s overall combined mpg rating? The Environmental Protection Agency calculates brands’ overall fuel economy and ranks them in its 2014 Trends Report. Nissan Group took top honors as the number one full-line automaker in fuel economy.Nissan logo -2014 Trends Report

The EPA calculates mpg ratings by combining the fuel economy of each 2013 model year vehicle in the automaker’s lineup.

With a rating of 26.2 mpg, Nissan Group (which includes both Nissan and Infiniti brand models) is solidly placed in first position, beating the number two automaker by a full 1.1 mpg and improving upon last year’s rating by 2.1 mpg.

“Reaching this point is a direct result of a dedicated company-wide effort to scrutinize every aspect of each new model to extract the most fuel efficiency possible,” said Pierre Loing, vice president of Product Planning for Nissan North America. “Our engineers and designers have worked hard to get us here, and we look to continuously improve fuel efficiency of our models to face the challenges of future regulations while surpassing customer expectations.”

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Terry Balliet is a Business Development Specialist at Rothrock Motor Sales.

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