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My wife Carmen and I recently had a great dining experience at a local restaurant and I felt compelled to write an online review. When I went to the Google reviews page, I was surprised to see a bunch of negative reviews at the place that we just such a wonderful experience that evening.

Now, of course reading the negative reviews didn’t have the ability to change the great time that my wife and I had, but I did have to reflect on my event. After reading all the negative reviews, it made me even more compelled to write a great review.

I became interested in reading people’s opinions about a lot of the places that I frequent. Strangely (in my mind) most places I loved had negative reviews, although most had very few. I wasn’t sure if the reviews were saying something about my tastes, something about online reviews in general or a little of both. But as I became an online review addict, the more I realized that the system worked, because even if I loved a place, everyone has different experiences everywhere they go.

There were places that had hundreds of reviews, and they were all great. And you know what? I started looking at them differently.

We in the Rothrock Family also provide the ability for people to write online reviews and we welcome you to do so. It is only through your honest feedback that we can alter our processes to make your next experience better.

I have found that whether with my own personal service experiences or with the experiences that we provide for our valued clients at Rothrock, it is not always the absence of problems that makes a great experience, but rather an appropriate and prompt response and an openness to make the process better that shows the character of a business.

So please feel free to make online comments about your experiences, and we’ll always be happy to hear what you have to say.

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Terry Balliet is a Business Development Specialist at Rothrock Motor Sales.

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