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Want to Use Your SUV for Towing? Choose the Dodge Durango

Many American families choose SUVs for their family vehicles. If you’re searching for a model that offers plenty of interior space, modern technology, and has impressive towing performance, you should consider a 2021 Dodge Durango. For proof, look no further than its place on U.S. News & World Report’s list of the 12 Best SUVs for Towing in 2021.

The 2021 Dodge Durango came in second overall, beating out would-be competitors like the Lincoln Navigator, the Chevy Tahoe, the Ford Explorer, and more. In describing the Durango, U.S. News wrote, “The Dodge Durango is unique since it sits on the fence between the midsize and large SUV classes. Officially, the Durango is midsize, but it can tow more than almost every SUV on the market today. Moreover, it tows more weight for the money than any other SUV.”

When properly equipped, the Durango can tow up to 8,700 pounds. It offers plenty of power with the choice of the standard V6 or three available V8 engines. Rear-wheel drive comes standard, and all-wheel drive is available as an option on most models.

To maximize the Durango’s towing capacity, go for the R/T Tow N Go Package, which includes features like an electronic limited slip rear axle, six-piston Brembo front brakes, four-piston Brembo rear brakes, and a Bilstein® Active Damping High Performance Suspension.

If you’re interested in driving an SUV with enough muscle to tackle the toughest towing tasks, stop by Rothrock Motors to experience the 2021 Dodge Durango.

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Terry Balliet is a Business Development Specialist at Rothrock Motor Sales.

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