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Tips To Keep Your Car Healthy While It Sits Idle

Cars are meant to be driven. If circumstances keep you from driving your vehicle routinely, there are some maintenance measures you can take to prevent damage while it sits idle.

Run It

Having a car stay still for long periods can lead to a number of issues. If your car is going to sit idle for a while, the best thing you can do is drive it around every so often. A hot engine helps circulates fluids, keeping them from going bad. These lubricants help keep rubber parts like hoses or gaskets from drying out and cracking. If you drive it for five to 10 minutes every other week, it’ll stay roadworthy for far longer.

Tires can also get a flat patch if the car sits in one place too long. Driving a vehicle with flat-spotted tires can be dangerous and expensive to repair. Move it periodically to avoid this.

It’s also good to put your vehicle through its paces so that the alternator can recharge the battery and other onboard electronics. If it sits in your driveway or garage for too long, you may need a jump when it’s time to drive again.

Perform Service

Now is the perfect time to get little service projects done on your car that you didn’t have time for. Thoroughly clean the outside and apply wax to protect the paint. Use carpet cleaner on the inside as well as leather cleaner, if necessary.

Air filters are easy to replace, and you’d be surprised at how simple it is to take away the yellow on headlights with a kit.

Cover It

The Allentown, PA sun can be brutal, so if your car is sitting outside, make sure to buy a cover for it. You’ll be saving the paint and upholstery from unnecessary sun damage.

If your car needs some maintenance — or if you want any more tips on how to keep it in perfect shape while it sits idle — give us a call at Rothrock Motors to set up an appointment.

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Terry Balliet is a Business Development Specialist at Rothrock Motor Sales.

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