e-NV200 Launched in Japan before U.S. Debut

The Nissan e-NV200, the brand’s second all-electric vehicle, is now on the market over in Japan, where the commercial van will quickly and easily be put to work for in, among other uses, corporate fleets. The e-NV200 is supposed to show up here in the States sometime later this year, and while there are some concerns about the e-NV200’s utility, the plan is still to bring the e-NV200 to dealers like Rothrock Nissan as early as October.

In fact, Nissan Chief Planning Officer Andy Palmer, attending the vehicle’s Japanese debut, said that the e-NV200 is already undergoing fleet trials in the U.S. and Canada. “The question is the distance and, of course, the charging infrastructure” Palmer said of a North American deployment. “We still think it’s appropriate, but we haven’t made a decision yet whether to go with the e-NV.”

Here at Rothrock, we’re pretty confident that the e-NV200 could do some good here in the States. But whatever the final decision, with the e-NV200 launched in Japan, Nissan now has two all-electric vehicles on the market, and they’ve promised us at least two more. We’re simply excited to see what the future of Nissan’s zero-emissions technologies might hold.

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Terry Balliet is a Business Development Specialist at Rothrock Motor Sales.

2 thoughts on “e-NV200 Launched in Japan before U.S. Debut”

  1. My wife and I leased a Leaf from your dealership, however, we are now anxiously awaiting the arrival of the E-NV200. Has Nissan made any announcements in regards to the exact date of its U.S. debut?

    1. We haven’t heard a release date for the U.S. yet, but we’ll let you know when we do! It may be late this year or early next year until we see the E-NV200 on American streets.

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