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In a recent survey conducted by AutoMD, a leading automotive consulting firm, we found that people prefer to have their vehicles serviced at independent garages. Now that may not seem like new news to most of you, but the reason they do was the news.

Most people use an independent because of the relationship that they formed with the local person.

The reason that seems like new news is because most people think it’s the price of a service.

Here at the Rothrock Family we knew that it wasn’t the price because we spend a lot of time making sure that all the services we provide are a great value. We check prices every week and make sure that we are in line with everyone, including local garages and other dealerships.

We also knew that it couldn’t be the convenience, because we have extended hours, including Saturday, and are here until 8 p.m. in the evening.

So, I guess it boils down to trust.

It makes perfect sense that you would trust someone who you’ve been doing business with for a long time, because that’s why you do business with them.

In any relationship, the only way you can form trust is by testing people. I know that may seem pretty obvious, but the only way we can form a long-term relationship with you is by you giving us a chance and proving why you should service your vehicle at Rothrock.

Join the other 70% of people who faithfully service their vehicles with the Rothrock Family after purchase and see how we formed those long-term relationships.

In an effort to show you who we are, in the coming weeks we will include a profile on each of the wonderful long-term employees that we have here in the Rothrock Family and you’ll begin to see why our clients have the faith and trust in our team.

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Terry Balliet is a Business Development Specialist at Rothrock Motor Sales.

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